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How To Support Your Kids With Big Emotions

As parents no matter the age of our child we will be faced with helping them deal with big emotions. No matter the age or stage there are three things parents need to remember when supporting their children.

Heart- When our children are faced with big emotions the first thing we need to approach them with is our hearts offering them empathy and compassion. When we approach them with empathy we are coming to them with an understanding of how they are feeling. We are also normalizing how they are feeling. We show them that we two have felt that way and understand where they are coming from. Compassion means we will sit with them in the darkest moments not just the happy moments. Empathy and Compassion if nothing else are the most important parenting skills we need when raising children.

Ears-Behavior is ALWAYS communication when we look beyond the behavior that we see with our eyes and listen to what the behavior is telling us. We can identify the need that the behavior is trying to have met. Once we understand what the behavior is telling us we are able to help them meet that need and remove the barrier

Hands- Our hands represent the stabilizing support all children need. If you think back to when they were babies again and they were first learning to walk we didn't pick up their feet and force them to walk. We held out our arms and reached out our hands and told them "You got this! But just in case I'm here to catch you if you fall" When our child is dealing with high emotions it is our job to be the rock, the solid foundation that can catch them if they fall. If we have approached them with empathy and compassion already and have heard what the behavior is trying to tell us being that calm stabilizing foundation will help guide them.

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