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Licensed Psychotherapist and Mom to tiny humans. Changing the world one story at a time.


Upcoming Events

Spring G.E.M.S. Groups

April 2021

8-week GEMS (Girls Empowered, Motivated, and Strong)  Self Esteem Group. During this group, girls will be given the opportunity to feel empowered, gain self-awareness, develop coping strategies, improve problem-solving skills, understand that they are not alone, and learn to make healthy decisions.

Private Practice Bootcamp Part 1

May 29th 2021

Are you wanting to start a private practice but aren't sure where to start? Join Ryan M. Sheade, LCSW, and Erica Tatum-Sheade, LMSW to learn about the basics of starting a private practice and what pitfalls to avoid. This training will cover setting up your practice, marketing your practice, finding the perfect client, navigating managed care, and the basics of growing a practice

Become a 3E Parents: Empathic, Empowered, and Effective

July 8th 2021

Join Ryan M. Sheade, LCSW and Erica Tatum-Sheade, LCSW for a 3-hour workshop focusing on how to parent in today's world to ensure that parents are raising fierce, resilient, and confident children.

In this workshop, parents will learn how the parenting journey changes over time and how destructive patterns in the way that we were parented show up in our parenting, as hard as we try not to let them. We will cover the incredibly destructive outcomes of shame-parenting and gain some tools on how to handle the difficult behaviors of children and adolescents without shaming or punishing them. We will discuss resiliency and how to effectively use discipline coupled with understanding to make our children “students” of our teachings rather than “inmates” of our punishments.

Parents come away from this workshop empowered in their own parenting and knowing that they are doing the best they can to manage what is ultimately a nearly impossible task

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