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What We Can Learn From Sunflowers

So here’s a fun fact: Sunflowers🌻 turn to follow the sun in the sky when they are growing. They start facing the east and rotate to the west as the sun is setting, then move back to the east at night to be ready to greet the sun in the morning. Fully grown sunflowers 🌻 always face east.

I’ve always loved sunflowers, they are my absolute favorite flower. One of the lessons I cover with clients is being like a sunflower, finding those who give us energy to help us grow versus those who take it away.

The second lesson we learn from sunflowers 🌻 is that as parents, we are the sun to our baby flowers. They follow us for guidance and support. We provide them what they need to grow. Think about the energy you put out as a parent, the lessons you provide to your children, the support you give. Are you providing your children with the tools needed as they grow to know they can always face east and depend on you to be there?

I think one of the biggest challenges we face as parents is knowing if we are "doing it right". If you are ever questioning if you are on the right path turn to your sunflowers and notice what direction they are facing. They will always show you how you are doing.

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