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Why The Yellow Chair?

Some clients have asked me: why the yellow chair?

I’ve never been someone who was big into chakras and auras and the like, but yellow has always been calming to me. Throughout my life, it has always represented happiness and a feeling of growth. My favorite flower is yellow, I look good in yellow and the sun the source of life and energy just happens to also be yellow.

When it came to furnishing my office, I knew I wanted a yellow chair. I’ve since learned that yellow represents the chakra connected to personal power and self-esteem and that yellow stimulates mental processes and encourages communication.

I want my office to be a place of warmth, a place where anyone who walks in feels comfortable to share, to grow, and to freely express themselves - and I feel that my yellow chair represents exactly that.

My office is a place where personal power, self-esteem, and communication grow and where through that, people start to live the lives they’ve always wanted.

So why the yellow chair-beside how comfy it is, I want to help you grow and unleash your power. I want you to own your voice and use it. I want you to be the most confident person you know.

If you haven't had a chance to be in my office and experience the power of the yellow chair I hope you find value in what I share here. Though this will never be a substitute for sitting with a mental health professional I hope that it provides some food for thought for you on your journey.

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