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Are you ready to THRIVE?

This book is a compilation of inspiring true stories of women overcoming adversity.

Abuse. Addiction. Divorce. Trauma. Tragedy. Exploitation. Injustice… we all have our obstacles to overcome.

The true stories in this book, bravely shared by women from very different backgrounds, living in very different worlds, prove that not only is it possible to thrive despite those obstacles, it’s often our obstacles that motivate us to rise to our power in ways we never believed possible.

Whether you’re teetering on the edge of a terrifying transition, daring yourself to take the leap, struggling through a breakdown on your way to a breakthrough, or wading out into uncharted waters, this book will inspire you to take action, motivate you to keep going, and remind you that you are never truly alone.

The stories of eight phenomenal women in this book stand as a testament to what is possible and how strong and determined women are; when we come together, we are unstoppable.

More than just a book - this may be someone’s survival guide and a light at the end of the tunnel when life is looking bleak and uncertain. This book has the power to change or even save someone’s life.

In this book you will find:

  • Relatable, shareable stories to make you laugh, cry, and feel less alone
  • Powerful insights around our shared experiences as women making an impact
  • Actionable advice from inspiring and self-empowered women who’ve overcome unthinkable adversities in life

Get your copy today, and share it with every woman you know so we can transform more lives and create a global ripple effect!

Together, we rise and thrive!

Signed Copy of Women Thrive

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